#Askdarcycurl - Why is The British Summer Weather Unpredictable?

September 16, 2017 Phyllisia McCarthy

Welcome to my new blog post series - AskDarcyCurl. As a curious kid I have a lot of questions about the world around me. Every week my friends and I will explore and experiment to try to find out the answers.

Today - why is it raining in Summer?

I love playing outside in the garden, especially after school.  On Tuesday, I was going to meet my friend Lizzie at our favourite park in Wanstead. Suddenly, it started raining, and the weather outside turned cold and gloomy. Lizzie and I could no longer play outside, and we were both disappointed. Mum suggested that we come back to my house.

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Really confused by the rain in the summer, we decided to try to understand why London has such gloomy weather, even during the summer when it is supposed to be warm and sunny outside. We started to do some research with our science books and on the internet,. Quickly, we learned that there are several parts that make up the weather.

First, the position of the British Isles influences the weather. It turns out, Britain is located exactly under the place where different air masses meet. Lizzie and I didn’t understand what an air mass were, so we continued to read on... We learned that an air mass is a big lump of air that has the same temperature and humidity. The north brings the cold polar air mass and the south brings the warm tropical air mass.

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But there is another very important part: - The jet stream. The jet stream is a bundle of powerful winds that travel very fast. We imagined the jet stream to be like a tunnel of wind.


Now it was time to put all the pieces together. When the jet stream travels to the north, it pushes away the cold air, and brings warm weather. When the jet stream travels to the south, it pushes away the warm air, and brings cold weather. Lizzie and I now understand the unpredictable British weather. Luckily, last week, mum bought me a raincoat  which matches my favourite summer dress. Now the weather won’t stop me!

Kids, do you have a science question about the world around us? If so, get a grown up to Tweet us at @Darcycurldolls, ask your question, add #askdarcycurl and we will pick one question a week to answer.


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