9 Questions to Ask Kids Instead of How Was School Today?

February 14, 2019 Phyllisia McCarthy

How was school today?” “Good”– followed by silence  Why are children so secretive about their day. Most days when I pick up my daughter from school it takes a least 15 minutes to work out if she has had a good day. From a blank look to one word answers to my questions a left with few answers at least until bedtime, whenl the chat about the day is in full flow.     So how do you get the download from the school day with the easy of Oprah? Here is a list of 9 questions that might help: ...

Ask Darcy Curl - How do plants make their food?

September 19, 2017 Phyllisia McCarthy

Summer holidays are coming to an end. And maybe like me you have been spending a lot of time in your garden, playing, exploring and eating lunch. But do you ever wonder how plants get their lunch? This week my friends from school came over to play and Taylor asked this question - How do plants make their food? Lets find out........ On Thursday, my friends and I were playing in the garden chasing after my dog, Prince. He loves to play Catch.  After running in several circles, Prince was hungry and started begging for his food. This got Taylor thinking, what do plants do when they get hungry...

#Askdarcycurl - Why is The British Summer Weather Unpredictable?

September 16, 2017 Phyllisia McCarthy

Welcome to my new blog post series - AskDarcyCurl. As a curious kid I have a lot of questions about the world around me. Every week my friends and I will explore and experiment to try to find out the answers. Today - why is it raining in Summer? I love playing outside in the garden, especially after school.  On Tuesday, I was going to meet my friend Lizzie at our favourite park in Wanstead. Suddenly, it started raining, and the weather outside turned cold and gloomy. Lizzie and I could no longer play outside, and we were both disappointed. Mum suggested that...